Started in 2009, the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management is a national program dedicated toward ensuring animal welfare.  The FARM program is utilized by Western United Dairymen as a “seal” of approved practices that demonstrates proper animal care all the way to the consumer.    The FARM Program is a cornerstone of how the industry and Western United Dairymen communicates with customers and the public and will continue to grow in importance as a branding item for dairy products.

Cool, Comfortable Cows are one of your best assets!

By Paul Sousa

June is here and with that comes our annual move into triple digit temperatures. It is important for people to realize the effects of heat on their bodies and regulate that to prevent heat stress. The same is true for our cows. Many dairymen have done a great job in the last decade of installing shades, soakers, and fans to keep their cows cool during the summer months. These efforts help keep cows comfortable, but they also have an economic return. That economic return means that efforts to cool cows can pay for themselves and then some.

Below is a link to an article written by Dr. Michael Payne of CDQAP on heat stress in dairy cows. Follow the link to learn more about the costs of heat stress in cows and things that can be done to prevent it.