1. April 18, 2018 presentation on the proposed California FMMO, by Dr. Novakovic and Dr. Stephenson.
  2. Special Update, USDA announcement on FMMO delay
  3. USDA testimony FMMO hearing
  4. Week 3 Update CA-FMMO by Annie AcMoody Director Economic Analysis WUD
  5. After 8 weeks of testimony, historic milk hearing ends
  6. FMMO hearing weekly recaps
  7. Infographic recap of the hearing
  8. FMMO hearing record closed – what’s next
  9. WUD Reply Brief
  10. Hearing on a Proposed Federal Milk Marketing Order for California
  11. USDA’s final decision for a CA FMMO (April 2018)
  12. USDA’s analysis of the final FMMO decision