Is $17 Milk on the Horizon?

May 29, 2016This dairy market analyst foresees a long stretch of $15 prices -- and then a boost as holiday demand emerges. Class III prices may be stuck in $15 territory, but dairy market analyst Annie AcMoody expects those levels to improve by autumn. "The Class III price should hover in the mid-$15 range this summer, picking up slowly through the fall as holiday demand hopefully carries it up closer to $17…Read more

California Makes Whey Formula Payment Permanent

May 29, 2016The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) made permanent its adjustment to the Class 4B whey factor that has been temporarily in place since last August. The adjustment will be effective June 1, following a hearing in April. The adjustment will bring California’s milk pricing structure in closer alignment to the Federal Order Class III formula. The adjustment, however, doesn’t mean much to California milk checks because of current…Read more

Sec. Ross Orders Permanent Change to Class 4b Pricing Formula

May 29, 2016Friday, CDFA Secretary Karen Ross announced she has ordered a permanent change to the dry whey scale of the Class 4b pricing formula, effective June 1, 2016. The decision comes after a milk price hearing on April 11 in Sacramento where Western United Dairymen and dairy producers voiced the desired direction the industry hoped CDFA would take. "Once dairy product markets improve, this adjustment will provide a needed increase in…Read more
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