Capital fellows visit WUD member’s dairy to gain perspective

WUD hosted a group of prospective leaders from the Assembly Fellows Program to offer insight into the California dairy industry. Organized by Sacramento State University, the program is within the nationally recognized Capital Fellows Program.

The assembly, senate, executive and judicial fellows which make up the collective group, engage in public service and prepare for future careers, while actively contributing to public policy development and implementation.

For nearly ten years, WUD has provided a real world dairy experience as part of their exposure to agriculture. This vital opportunity provides insight and understanding to a group of young people who may lead or work in the state capitol.

This particular group toured New Hope Dairy in Galt owned by Arlan Van Leeuwen and Arlin Van Groningen. In addition to exploring the everyday activities on a progressive dairy operation, the group also viewed the dairy’s methane digester and received a comprehensive review of the California milk pricing system.