Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook Procedure

Labor. A word that is almost become taboo in the Agriculture, especially the Dairy industry. However, we
want to do anything and everything we can to help ease the pain of new labor regulations and avoid costly litigation and fines wherever possible. Western United Dairymen, in conjunction with Raimondo & Associates, is offering Employee Handbooks to its members and non-members at a discounted rate. What is included in an employee handbook? Great question! The following is an outline of just SOME of what is included in the Employee Handbooks:

  • Clearly outlines the rules you wish your employees to abide by, such as:
    • Cell phone use
    • Time Clocks
    • Injuries
    • Rest and Meal Breaks
  • Clearly defined pay periods
  • Vacation and Sick Leave Policies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Available in Spanish
  • Custom made for your operation
  • All handbooks are reviewed by Raimondo & Associates

The benefits of having an Employee Handbook include improved communication between you and your employees and a greater protection from labor related litigation. This is a great tool to keep your operation in compliance with ever-changing labor laws. If you are interested in learning more about employee handbooks, please contact Katelyn Lewis at 209-769-3884 or klewis@westernuniteddairymen.com.