Air Resources Board to Rein In Cow Flatulence

August 17, 2016Public Enemy #1: Cow Flatulence By Patrick Cavanaugh, Farm News Director While not a popular or sexy topic of discussion, flatulence is a very natural activity. Who amongst us hasn’t occasionally burped, belched, or otherwise passed a little gas? When guilty of passing waste gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and other trace gases due to the microbial breakdown of foods during digestion, we may say, “Excuse me.” But…Read more


August 12, 2016Cows are at the center of new proposed regulations in an effort to reduce methane levels in California. The California Air Resources Board wants to reduce the amount of methane emissions by 40 percent by the year 2030. It says much of that is created by manure and gas from cows. Opponents say the efforts are over-regulating the dairy industry. "It's very serious to us. It's not a laughing matter.…Read more

Who’s happy now? Wisconsin’s dairy cows get the edge on their bovine sisters in California

May 29, 2016Some studies say that happy cows produce more milk and California has claimed for years that its cows are happiest, but new data are proving that Wisconsin’s dairy industry is becoming the bomb for bovines as the Golden State struggles through an epic drought. Wisconsin produced more milk per cow than California in June and July, according to early estimates from the National Agricultural Statistics Service. If the numbers hold…Read more

California Farms Surprisingly Resilient Despite Drought

May 29, 2016THE LAND IS bare, except for a few weeds, and the ground is cracked. For the second year in a row, Dan Errotabere is fallowing one third of his ranch: 1,700 acres of California farmland that might have grown tomatoes, garlic, onions and garbanzo beans. “I can’t do this every year,” Errotabere said, inspecting an idle field on his family’s Fresno County farm. “I’ve got to grow. I’ve got to…Read more

U.S. officials to consider milk price controls

May 29, 2016U.S. farm officials will consider installing a federal pricing system for California’s $7.6 billion milk industry, replacing the current state-run pricing scheme, during a public hearing beginning Sept. 22 in Clovis and expected to run for several weeks. Because the U.S. Department of Agriculture will base any decision solely on testimony and evidence placed on the hearing record, it will include arguments and counter arguments, and an administrative law judge…Read more

CDFA considers testimony on whey price

May 29, 2016California dairy farmers and cheese processors faced off once again at a public hearing before the California Department of Food and Agriculture about how much producers should be compensated for whey, a byproduct of cheese production. The department, which sets minimum milk prices paid to dairy farmers, called the hearing on its own motion, specifically to consider adjustments to the pricing formula for Class 4b, or milk used to make…Read more