Snowpack now at half of average

While far from being out of the Great Drought, the December storms that have hit California are slowly rebuilding the water bank account – the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada.

In normal years, as the snow melts in spring and summer, it eventually gets into the state and federal reservoirs for use in farming and cities.

According to data provided by remote sensors scattered across the mountain range, the Sierra snowpack’s water content is now 50 percent of average for this time in December.

In the southern third of the Sierra, the snowpack’s water content is now 60 percent of average. For the mid-section of the mountain range, it’s at 44 percent of average and for the northern third, it’s 52 percent of average.

“Meanwhile, a final push of moisture will spread across northern and central California on Friday. Thereafter, the focus for precipitation will shift to the Pacific Northwest, just clipping northwestern California,” says the Weekly Water and Climate Update from the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service on Thursday.

Dec. 18, 2014 Central Valley Business Times