Take Action


This is what it feels like to dairy in the 21st century.  More regulation, more bureaucracy, more environmental strong-arming to improve what we are doing, using our hard –earned money, even though WE are the best stewards of our farms and animals.

Simply put –this is what Western United Dairymen (WUD) does on a daily basis; we FIGHT for your RIGHT to dairy, preserve private property rights, and individual water rights –all to make sure that we can dairy today so the next generation has a fighting chance to do the same –in THIS state. We now advocate for the strongest milk price for our producers, and put the man-power behind the strategy that supports that effort so that it makes sense for our dairy families to stay in the game.

Western United Dairymen has a big advantage over other organizations; we have local, state, and national representation advocacy arms.  Your dues go toward this representation so your dairy families have the power of VOICE.  This voice gives us the clout of a full statewide membership when we stand before regulators, government agencies, environmentalists, no-growth advocates, and the media.

We are reaching out to you and asking you to take notice of this advocacy.  We defend your rights every day, in front of the State Water Resources Control Board, the Central Valley Water Resources Control Board, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the State Fish and Game, the California High Speed Rail, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service –all attempting at times to usurp and destroy what we’ve bled for here on our dairies.  Under new leadership at WUD, we fight for more water and greater social media presence EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The more of us who are members, the more united our voice becomes when we speak for issues facing our dairy community.  Your participation DOES matter to the new Western United Dairymen.

In addition to the advocacy that your dues pay for directly, your membership includes full access and discounts to several valued organizations that ally with WUD on labor and environmental issues.  These include full membership benefits to the Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS) and Dairy CARES, and a free legal consultation with our esteemed labor litigation team –Raimondo & Associates.  Membership also includes politics and policy updates from our Sacramento and Washington D.C. lobbying teams, frequent market updates on Federal and State pricing analysis (soon reserved only for members) along with our newest publication –Skimming the Market.

We sincerely hope you will consider staying current with your Western United Dairymen membership, and that if you’re not a member that you consider becoming one –you can’t afford NOT to have your voice heard!