Take two on Delta tunnels project

Grab those reading glasses —again. State officials on Thursday released a 9,276-page report detailing the latest version of Gov. Jerry Brown’s $15 billion twin tunnels plan. Public comments are accepted through the end of August. The original 34,000-page plan, released in December 2013, generated thousands of comments, an indication of the amount of controversy generated by Brown’s proposal. A modern-day variation of the peripheral canal plan that voters defeated in 1982, the tunnels would siphon water off the Sacramento River and divert it south beneath the Delta, rather than allowing that water to flow through the sloughs and channels as it does today. The idea is to safeguard much of the state’s water supply should Delta levees fail. The tunnels are also supposed to decrease so-called “reverse flows,” in which rivers in the south Delta flow backward toward huge state and federal export pumps near Tracy. Reverse flows harm threatened and endangered fish. <more>

July 9, 2015 Stockton Record